Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Burger King Snack Chips

Taco Bell, TGI Fridays and now Burger King all have something in common – they sell branded products outside of their restaurants. Next month BK fans will be able to get their fix of BK snack chips across a multitude of channels. The venture will be spearheaded by The Inventure Group (the same group that handled TGI Friday’s branded snacks). The trans fat-free products will be available in a variety of sizes including the popular 100 calorie pack. The effort is designed to expand the brand recognition of Burger King with plans to expand globally after the initial US launch and will also tap into the 93% of consumers that research suggest snack at least once a day.
The proceeds from the new product will go back into the marketing fund in a move to assuage the fears of cannibalization from franchise owners. Burger King has expanded hours, introduced a breakfast value menu and opened hundreds of new stores in the past few years to emerge from a slump. This new product platform and expansion into different channels could help bolster efforts to get back on their feet.
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Jim Bauer said...

I finally saw a bag of these things at, of all places, the 43rd Street Menard's store (a popular Midwest hardware and home improvement chain). Of course, they've often carried the larger sized bags of TGIFs Bacon & Cheddar Tato Skins, also from The Inventure Group. I'm glad to see them out there and actually tried a bag of the BK Ketchup and Fries and they were pretty good. I think it's somewhat refreshing to get away at times from all this sameness we get with Pepsico's Frito-Lay and Jay's Foods. We need interesting and innovative new products on the market. We get that with brands like BK and TGIF, but couple it with just a bit of additional familiarity. Both The Inventure Group (SNAK:Nasdaq) and Burger King Holdings (BKC:NYSE) ought reap the rewards from that.


Blogger said...

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