Friday, September 7, 2007

Sorry early-adopters. Steve Jobs would like to thank you for forking out the $599 for the iPhone 10 weeks ago, because he just dropped the price on the same phone by $200 apparently in an effort to ring in healthy holiday sales. Apple investors used to sizeable profit margins weren’t happy – stock dropped more than 5% closing at $136.76. Newest iPod media player: iPod Touch that uses the iPhone touch-screen and adds the ability to download songs wirelessly from the new iTunes Wi-Fi Store. The iPod Nano (now called iPod Classic) got beefier with a 160-gigabyte version. Apple also announced a partnership with another key consumer segment identifier – Starbucks. The partnership will revolve around the new Touch product and will alert the user when approaching a Starbucks and provide the opportunity to download the song that’s playing or get a list of the 10 most recent songs played.
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