Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kid Nation

Should you advertise on Kid Nation? If you do you might just be alone. In an attempt to be more “daring” and “different” in its broadcasting this fall CBS appears to have scared off key advertisers. GM and Procter & Gamble, with a combined adspend of over $320 million on the network, have both declined to advertise during the new show “Kid Nation”. The show depicts a group of kids ages 8 to 15 forming their a society without any adult supervision in a western frontier setting. Each episode ends with a town meeting where one child is awarded a gold star worth $20,000. A CBS spokesperson understands the cautious approach from some advertisers for a show generating this much attention but is confident that the concerns expressed in the critical media will be resolved when the viewing public sees the first episode on Sept. 19. For the record, ABC got the cold shoulder from advertisers back in '93 when NYPD Blue launched only for the show to become a popular series after only a few weeks on the air.
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