Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Blinkx. Not YouTube. Blinkx is full of cool widgets (one of which are the little TV's at the bottom of every blogpost on this blog ) and easy to use. Just type in whatever kind of video you would like to watch and it has it, not on its site necessarily but it will have the link for the host site of the video. Blinkx is great because it has links to every bit of news video that you could ever want and current feeds. Blinkx also has a video wall that you can add to your site, blog, or wiki. Simply type in the area of interest and it will search the internet for all related videos and put them all together as little video thumbnails in a wall of videos on your site. If it doesn't make sense check out this eco-friendly blog that has one on the right side of the blog. For the U2 fans out there - you can get concerts. Even better - combine blinkx with vudu so that you can avoid internet traffic and watch your news/concert video on the TV.

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