Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Brand Passion

Building your brand on a shoestring budget. Today is firefox day – happy firefoxing. Just over a year ago - (August 12, 2006) in an oat field outside of Salem, OR, a group of 12 Firefox diehards used rope and two-by-fours to carve out a 30,000 square-foot impression of the Firefox logo. Mozilla, at last count, has about 60 full-time employees and they compete with Microsoft; yeah, the one whose 2006 revenue was $44.28 billion. “We depend more on volunteers than paid employees” says Mozilla community coordinator Asa Dotzler. Some of us can barely depend on our employees, not to mention volunteers. So with 10,000 programmers working for free and some 60,000 web sites encouraging free downloads Mozilla has developed an engaged and passionate community around its brand. According to Dotzler “We took the same technique of open source and applied that to marketing”. Brilliant.
(so the real question here is how many more of these crop circles have these guys made?)
Want to see how they made the circle? Click here.
Not surfing with Firefox? Start a new day.
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