Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yahoo beats Google?

For the first time Yahoo got better overall marks from its users than Google. The data came from the University of Michigan American Consumer Satisfaction Index showed that Yahoo's customer satisfaction score rose 3.9% from just one year ago to 79 out of 100 while Google's rating fell 3.7% to fall at 78 out of 100. Google still remains the number #1 search engine but the proliferation of social networking, web sites, email and other features are pulling the weight for Yahoo. The report, sponsored by ForeSee, suggests that although Google has developed some great products it has done poorly making the consumer aware of them while Yahoo has revamped their website and added features and functionality to its services. Like choices? - try using Yahoo powered or Google powered as your search engine. Both make a donation to a non-profit every time you do a search.

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