Monday, August 13, 2007

A Non-Microsoft challenger to iTunes?

gBox, a California startup entered the boxing ring of online music this week as the world’s largest recording company, Universal Music Group, announced that it would test sales of some digital music without the customary copy-protection technology or DRM. Songs at gbox are going for 99cents (30 cents less than iTunes) and all songs are DRM free. Oddly enough you can opt for a DRM enabled track for the same price...I'm guessing it won't be as popular. Could this be a breakthrough for DRM free music? 2007 has been good to DRM free music with the launch of Britians EMI Group PLC which earlier this year became the first of the major labels to embrace DRM-free tunes. The DRM-free songs will be available from Aug.21 to January 31. Among the other retailers selling such tracks only gBox will get Universal’s Google referrals.

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