Monday, August 13, 2007

LG House in Malibu

Late last year global and regional digital leader, LG Electronics, announced a new marketing initiative to become the number one brand worldwide in the home appliance sector by 2007 and rake in USD14 billion globally. LG is already the world's top selling brand in terms of air conditioners, microwave ovens and canister vacuum cleaners. This new strategy aims to focus on the premium segment of the market where research indicates that the demand for luxury consumer goods in the Middle East is growing rapidly as quality savvy consumers with increased purchasing power look for places to spend their money.In the Middle East LG is the second most recognised electronics brand with 55.7 per cent unaided brand awareness according to the 2004 Gallup brand equity index survey. But what kind of equity does it have in the U.S?

To impact its image in the U.S. LG opened a 3,500 sq. ft. specially designed house in Malibu, California where they recently hosted a party for actors and actresses for their Emmy-nominated Awards. The house has already been the venue for parties for R& B star Chris Brown and rapper Nick Cannon.
The house, named "LG House Malibu" is outfitted with a 71-inch
plasma HDTV and dual-format Blu-ray Disc- HD DVD ``Super Blu’’ players while other appliances include an HDTV refrigerator with a 15-inch LCD screen in the door, as well as a full kitchen package.
"LG House Malibu provides a unique platform to showcase LG's premium product lines to influencers in a relaxed environment where they can see and enjoy the rich features of our products first-hand,’’ says Ehtisham Rabbani, vice president of marketing and strategic planning for LG mobile phones.

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